How does it work?

WAMkey - Crown & Bridge Removal

Step 1

Firstly, locate the most accessible spot on the crown. The goal is to estimate the cement layer level between the occlusal surface of the abutment and the inner side of the crown itself.

WAMkey - Crown & Bridge Removal

Step 3

Enlarge this window until you can see the cement layer through the window.

WAMkey - Crown & Bridge Removal

Step 5

Slightly extend the hole to form an horizontal rectangle.

WAMkey - Crown & Bridge Removal

Step 2

Secondly, drill a thin horizontal window in the crown.

WAMkey - Crown & Bridge Removal

Step 4

Then, after having checked that the slot is at the cement level, deepen the hole until it reaches the centre of the tooth preparation.

WAMkey - Crown & Bridge Removal

Step 6

Finally, introduce the key down to the bottom of the slot and make a simple rotation on the handle.The crown is removed! In many cases, you'll be fooled into thinking that the WAMkey is meeting no resistance; even the patient may feel nothing at all. So watch attentively and ask your patient to listen carefully...

What is the Concept?

So why take risks?

Outdated, traditional style crown pullers exert dangerous, heavy tensile loads on the ligament, and waste much of the removal force stretching the ligament and causing unnecessary patient trauma, and regularly damage or even extract the preparation….got your lawyers number handy?

WAMkey - Crown & Bridge Removal

WAMkey is totally risk free!

WAMkey’s patented unique, gentle separating action allows the crown to follow the path of least resistance. In fact, it will look for the weakest point and gently de-bond the cement. Without pain to your patient, and with no risk of damage.

WAMkey - Crown & Bridge Removal

WAMkey disassociates the crown from its abutment without applying ANY traction or tensile forces, or sideways movement. Wamkey doesn’t pull the crown off, it actually PUSHES it off from underneath! PERFECT! Thus, there is no risk to fracture the tooth or to remove the build-up underneath. 

WAMkey - Crown & Bridge Removal

WAMkey exerts only a natural compressive pressure on the supporting tooth, which gradually increases until the crown is easily removed – without impact, damage or discomfort.

WAMkey - Crown & Bridge Removal

WAMkey preserves the crown or the bridge to allow temporary or permanent re-use.

The main parts of the crown (margins, occlusal face and contact points) are preserved undamaged.
Additionaly, in many situations, the initial window can be cut with the CMV bur on the lingual face. Why is this important ?
Because after its removal, the prosthesis retains all its mechanical and aesthetic properties. You can now either make a small instant composite repair, or refer to the technician. Thus, a provisional or permanent reset is possible.
The pressure on the filling is particularly low, so that you can dismiss any risk of leakage.

WAMkey - Crown & Bridge Removal

Why waste money?

With outdated traditional methods, the removal process can be time consuming and expensive, and the result uncertain. With WAMkey, your precious time is saved, because the entry window made in the crown is very small. By avoiding cutting the whole crown off, you also save your rotative materials (contra-angles, hand-pieces and drills…). And don’t forget that in many situations you can also reset the crown provisionally or permanently. Bonus

WAMkey - Crown & Bridge Removal

Why WAM Key is the best?

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