Even on posterior teeth, placing a crown with Geko Tweezers® is as easy
as child's play. Autoclavable ultra-flexible silicone tips and Geko sticky paste (included in intro kit) guarantee perfect grip, increased visualfield, and time-savings when removing excess cement. Discover how by clicking the link hereunder !

This Intro kit contains:
- 1 pair of Tweezers (autoclavable 135 °C/275 °F)
- 20 silicone tips (autoclavable 135 °C/275 °F)
- 1 syringe of sticky Geko paste


Regardless of the size of your hands or fingers, the Geko tweezers let you maintain a perfect view of the relevant teeth and the element being carried, for the duration of the treatment.
Maintain "visual" contact!


Thanks to the Geko's firm grip, once the crown is held between its tips, you or your assistant can apply a thin layer of separator such as Vaseline® on the crown's visible surfaces (essentially mesial and distal).

This will significantly ease the removal of excess hard cement with your scaler, saving you precious time. (For even greater efficiency, try Omnis!)

Warning: When handling crowns without Geko, we strongly advise against applying the separator, which would cause the crown to become slippery, resulting in a high risk of accidental release.


Précelles Geko suspendues par une coiffe.jpg

The Geko Tweezers feature self-locking jaws with permanent tension that passively hold the crown. Once the crown is gripped between the Geko's tips, your assistant can place the tweezers on the tray and go about other tasks.

Test conducted by the assistant to make sure the crown is perfectly gripped between the silicone tips
Passage d'une coiffe de l'assistante au praticien.jpg
Transfer of crown from the assistant to the dentist


 Pose des embouts en silicone Geko
Geko silicone tip
Pose des embouts en silicone Geko
Inserting Geko silicone tips

Embouts silicone Geko
Geko silicone tips in place


Préhension d'une coiffe.jpg
Placing a crown on a posterior tooth
Pose d'une coiffe.jpg
Placing a post-core
Pose d'un capuchon de protection implantaire.jpg
Placing a crown on a posterior tooth
Pose d'un faux moignon.jpg
Placing a crown on a posterior tooth
Pose d'un capuchon de protection implantaire.jpg
Placing a protective cap over an implant
Préhension d'un Inlay Core.jpg
Handling a post-core
The white silicone tips are effective for most crowns (probably over 90%). They are autoclavable and can be left on permanently.


Thanks to its adhesive property and malleability, Geko Paste can be used for more complex shapes (in general, low crowns).
Embout silicone et pâte collante Geko.jpg
Geko tweezers with silicone tip
and Geko sticky paste 
Préhension d'une coiffe céramometallique présentant un fort risque d'échappement.jpg
Geko Paste alone is sufficient to securely hold
even the most complex crown shapes


You can also use Geko Paste to handle inlays, onlays and veneers, or place a small dab on a gripping instrument such as Classic Tweezers or any other tip.
Pose d'une facette.jpg
Placing a veneer
Manipulation d'un Inlay avec Geko Paste.jpg
Handling an inlay with Geko Paste
placed on the tip of an Omnis
Rectification d'une coiffe.jpg
Rectifying a crown
Manipulation d'une lame de scalpel.jpg
Handling sharp objects
Tenue d'un papier à articuler.jpg
Gripping articulating paper 
Manipulation d'une fraise.jpg
Handling sharp objects


MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)

Download MSDS for Geko paste (pdf)

Clinical Cases/Videos

Clinical case of Dr William MULLER (FRANCE)

Clinical case of Dr Alain Yaël BENHAMOU (Aix-en-Provence - FRANCE)

cascliniquegeko_1-334_1053x700.jpg   cascliniquegeko_1-335_1053x700.jpg
cascliniquegeko_1-336_1053x700.jpg cascliniquegeko_1-337_1053x700.jpg  
cascliniquegeko_1-347_1053x700.jpg   cascliniquegeko_1-349_1053x700.jpg   
cascliniquegeko_1-352_1053x700.jpg    cascliniquegeko_1-355_1053x700.jpg    
cascliniquegeko_1-358_1053x700.jpg     cascliniquegeko_1-359_1053x700.jpg
cascliniquegeko_1-362_1053x700.jpg   cascliniquegeko_1-363_1053x700.jpg

WAM Tweezers

Success will not be achieved without your Classic Tweezers. Its cross section ensures secure grip and full control on the handling of different items,
like posts, paper-points, articulating paper or cotton rolls while firmly staying in the required position. Until you press on the handle, the item will not be released. To open them, just press!

This device is autoclavable (135°C / 275°F)

  • These cross action tweezers are both easy and safe to use.
  • You can have full control, the item will not be released until you decide.
  • To open them, just press on the handle. No need to fight with a mecanism.
  • They are perfect for the placement of posts, gutta-percha tips, matrices, or for handling cotons (for applying local anesthetics, pulp test, etc.)....

Do you work with an assistant ?

She can now pre-load your tray with any little devices needed into the Classic-Tweezers and then go and perform other tasks.

At the required time, you will just have to take the Classic-Tweezers, ready for use while staying focused on treating your patient.

Do you work without an assistant ?

Thanks to Classic Tweezers, you can now pre-load all the small devices beforehand (posts, gutta percha points, matrices ...) in order to alleviate the stress from the handling of these items, and enhance then concentration on the procedure.

This device is fully autoclavable at 135°C/275°F

Featuring serrated tips, Classic Tweezers® are the most versatile gripping tool around. They offer a real advantage over conventional tweezers, enabling you to grasp just about anything (prosthetic devices, cotton, keys, thread, and so on).

Endo Tweezers® feature lengthwise and crosswise grooves making it easier to handle all cylindrical objects. They are particularly ideal for carrying Gutta-Percha cones, posts, paper points, etc.