Digital photography is gaining more and more imortance for the dentist.

By means of high quality pictures, the dentist or the laboratory can record a situation, which is very important for the treatment or for the documentation of the before / after condition.

ALL HR-INTRAORAL-MIRRORS have been provided with reflectiing front surfaces, which produce a sharp and orthoscopic mirror image.
  • Ultra bright mirror image
  • Reflection approximately 98%
  • High colour fidelity
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Heat resistant upto 200˚C / 390˚ F
  • Made in Germany

Important Note :

The drying cycle in the Thermo – Disinfector and in Autoclave has to observed meticulously. Always carefully dry the HR-INTRAORAL MIRRORS. Both these mirrors are only at one sided coated – at the back side “R” waterspots are possible.


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